Detailed Plan of In-service Teacher Training

Induction Training:

The induction training has been a completely neglected area, particularly for teachers of BPS-15 and below. In a situation where recruitment of teachers is held up for years, due to several reasons, it becomes virtually impossible to plan and implement an organized induction training for newly recruited teachers.

          Secondary Education Department Balochistan is going to utilize both services offered by the universities and existing elementary colleges to conduct Induction Training for newly recruited teachers. The universities will organize training for teachers of BPS-17 and above while the elementary colleges will organize for BPS-16 and below. The training will enable the newly recruited teachers to play an effective role in their new profession.

Plan of Induction Training BPS-16 and Below

Plan of Induction Training BPS-17 and Above

Promotion Linked Training:

Government of Balochistan has made Promotion Linked Training a mandatory pre-requisite for promotion. It is necessary for teachers to attend training before they are promoted to the higher grades. It will help them play a vibrant and efficient role to perform productively when they are promoted. It is the only remedy to enhance the skills of teachers working on lower grades for promotion to the higher grades.

          The universities have been assigned PLT for teachers of BPS-17 and above to upgrade and maintain high standard for quality education in all schools. The elementary colleges have been assigned the PLT of BPS-16 and below. Arrangements will be made as required and the training become a source of learning and effectiveness for teachers falling in promotion zone.

Plan of Promotion Linked Training BPS-16 and Below

Plan of Promotion Linked Training BPS-17 and Above

CPD PITE Programme in 33 Districts Diagram