Message from Secretary

Secondary Education Department Balochistan is aimed to provide quality education in the province. Quality teaching learning practices are indebted to skilled and qualified teachers. All the possible measures are taken for professional development and capacity building initiatives of the teachers of all cadres. Teachers having proficient content knowledge and capable of using variety of teaching methodologies produce brilliant results. They enable students to think critically and creatively that ultimately become productive citizens of society.
Being an important and active organ of Secondary Education Department, PITE Balochistan has always materialized realistic plans in the arena of teacher professional development. It has been contributing effectively for raising the overall quality of education. Continuous Professional Development of Teachers, Induction Training and Promotion Linked Training are the mostly focused recent themes. It is worth mentioning that PITE Balochistan functions for facilitating teachers in their professional obligations and proving them more productive and effective in classrooms.
At the end, I would like to express my gratitude to PITE management for launching the website that will help viewers to find essential information with just one click regarding the institution, its services, training, resources and educational research. I am optimistic enough that PITE Balochistan will keep on striving for quality and excellence in teacher education for improved student learning outcomes.
Ghulam Ali Baloch
Secretary Secondary Education Department, Balochistan

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