Message from Director

Balochistan is progressing in the sector of education by taking lots of innovative steps and introducing modern means for ensuring quality education. In order to reach the ultimate destination of prosperity and development, adoption of modern knowledge, effective skills and progressive attitude are the pre-requisites. It is the need of time to eliminate obsolete practices in the field of education and pursue the ones synchronized with the demands of 21st century.
PITE Balochsitan is the only organization for professional development of teachers in the province which is functional since 1996 with the mandate of teacher training execution, resource development and educational research conduction. Qualitative aspect of teaching learning practices is dependent on the provision of professional development opportunities to teachers. Trained teachers are more successful than untrained ones in the classrooms. Professional development of teachers must be carried out continuously.
PITE Balochistan has developed website to provide teachers of the province with information relating to capacity building activities along with resources. It will prove a source of information not only for teachers but also for general public for getting themselves updated. I am hopeful that the website of PITE Balochistan will minimize the distances and improve the professional linkages with partners, beneficiaries and stakeholders. Your valuable suggestions and constructive feedback are always welcomed for further improvement.
Ijaz Azeem Baloch
Director PITE, Balochsitan

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